How To Start Dropshipping In Pakistan? Step-By-Step Guide

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For aspiring Pakistani business owners interested in e-commerce, dropshipping offers a tempting entry point. It offers a great chance to become financially independent with a small initial investment and a huge online market.

Learn all you need to know to launch a successful online dropshipping business in Pakistan with this detailed guide. We will go over where to find products to sell, the legalities, the ins and outs of both local and foreign suppliers, and give you the inside scoop on how to succeed.

What Is Shopify Dropshipping? 

In Shopify dropshipping, the retailer does not hold or maintain inventory of the products they sell. As an alternative, when a store sells an item, it normally buys it from a wholesaler or manufacturer and then has it sent straight to the customer’s doorstep. This means the retailer has no connection to the product in any way. Shopify is an intuitive e-commerce platform that lets you manage your products, take payments, and connect with dropshippers.

What Is The Dropshipping Business In Pakistan?

In Pakistan, dropshipping works just like it does everywhere else in the world. Entrepreneurs source goods from local suppliers like Ezone, Zonedrop, Dropshipping, HA Dropshipping, Pak Dropshipping, etc. Sometimes, Paksitani dropshippers source goods from overseas suppliers and sell them online through e-commerce platforms like Shopify. In response to a Pakistani customer’s order, the entrepreneur purchases the product from the manufacturer and sends it straight to the buyer. Because of the low starting costs and the increasing popularity of internet shopping in Pakistan, this business model is becoming more popular there.

Is Dropshipping Legal?

Dropshipping is 100% legal. Many entrepreneurs throughout the world employ this model. Compliance with local legislation, including those related to consumer protection, import/export, and tax requirements, might determine legality. But dropshippers must adhere to the regulations of both the country of origin and the country of destination.

Is Dropshipping Profitable in Pakistan? 

The startup costs and risks of dropshipping are minimal, and the potential earnings are significant, making it an attractive e-commerce business model. If you are seeking a way to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, drop shipping in Pakistan might just be what you need.

That being said, there are a lot of moving parts in dropshipping, and how successfully you do it depends on factors like niche preference, marketing, supplier reliability, customer service, and, most importantly, your level of expertise when dealing with suppliers. Due to strong competition and the extra expenses connected with shipping and handling by third-party suppliers, dropshipping margins can be lower than traditional retail. Nevertheless, dropshipping has the potential to yield significant revenues when done right—through smart marketing, solid supplier connections, and streamlined operations.

How Much Investment Required For Shopify Dropshipping In Pakistan? 

There is no set amount that is necessary to start Shopify dropshipping in Pakistan; however, you have to factor in the following typical costs:

  • Shopify Monthly Subscription: Plans from Shopify start at $29 and go all the way up to $299.
  • Domain Name: Around $10 to $20 a year.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Set aside $200 to $1,000 to advertise your store on social media and search engines.
  • Apps and plugins: You can add extra features and tools to your store with apps and plugins, which range from $0 to $100 each month.
  • Product Expenses: There’s no need to invest in inventory up front because you only buy things when you make a sale. Nonetheless, it is easier to manage the initial order fulfillment with a $200 to $500 reserve.

Launching a Shopify dropshipping business in Pakistan could necessitate an initial cost ranging from $500 to $2000 or more, depending upon the magnitude of your marketing efforts and the instruments that you opt to employ.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Find Winning Products For Dropshipping In Pakistan

Following is a step by step guide so that you can navigate the world of dropshipping with our experience and don’t find it difficult to start your own business. Let’s get started. 

1. Select your niche and products 

One of the most important things to consider when starting a dropshipping business in Pakistan is what products and niche to sell. Your company’s success may hinge on this phase. If you want to be successful in Pakistan’s market, you need to focus on items that are popular here.

That’s why, before selecting any random product, do thorough market research on the product, target audience, profitability, supplier reliability, and scalability. Generally, products in the electronics, clothing, accessories, and home décor categories are sure to be a hit with Pakistani shoppers because of their widespread appeal and consistent demand. Include one-of-a-kind, locally sourced products in your catalog to make your dropshipping business stand out and appeal to local tastes. You can also take advantage of Amazon’s services to make your endeavor even more successful.

With this combination of well-liked and unique products, your drop-shipping company can thrive in Pakistan’s online marketplace.

2. Find Trustworthy Suppliers

The decision you make regarding your suppliers might have a profound impact on the success of your dropshipping business. You can choose between local and foreign suppliers that fit your strategy when it comes to product sourcing:

Pakistani Local Dropshippers

Working with Pakistani dropshippers might be a smart option that saves money and time on shipment. If you are looking for local suppliers in Pakistan who are familiar with the ins and outs of the Pakistani market, you can find them through local trade directories and online marketplaces like Alibaba, Daraz, and Ezone.

Amazon and Alibaba Dropshipping

Dropshipping from Amazon and Alibaba can help your online store have a wider selection of products. Keep in mind that competition can be severe, even though they provide a huge assortment of products. It is important to consider this in your planning and customer requirements because products sourced from suppliers abroad could have longer shipping timeframes.

3. Create Your Online Dropshipping Store

A key aspect of your success will be your dropshipping website, which serves as the pinnacle of online business concepts. In order to make shopping on the go a breeze, it has to be responsive, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. Install apps like Oberlo or Spocket to import products from suppliers directly to your store. 

Keep in mind that even if Amazon doesn’t have a physical presence in Pakistan, you can still access their vast product inventory through their international services.  In order for this strategy to be successful, your dropshipping company must have grown globally, and you must be able to easily reach clients in other countries. Otherwise, the shipment cost will eat up your whole profit. 

4. Create An Incredible Product Listing

Your products are the main attraction, and the content is your product description. Write compelling descriptions and titles for your products to keep buyers captivated by their screens. You can save your customer’s time by including descriptions that are straightforward and easy to read. Use case studies to make it easier for them to understand how the product works. To make sure your shop shows up on SERPs, you need to adjust the SEO settings.

5. Set Up a Payment Gateway

If you want your customers to have a pleasant buying experience, you need to set up reliable payment gateways. In order to establish credibility and ease financial transactions, this is an important phase. Think about the following potential outcomes:

Local Payment Gateways

For local dropshipping in Pakistan, use payment gateways that are specific to the Pakistani market. Easypaisa, JazzCash, and HBL Pay are a few examples.

Methods of International Payment

If your dropshipping business is also fulfilling the needs of global customers,  you should think about adding support for international payment methods like PayPal.

6. Market Your Dropshipping Business 

You need to start attracting customers and making sales as soon as possible after setting up your online dropshipping store. Nowadays, without marketing and advertising, it’s difficult ,to attract customers. So you may want to think about following  marketing tactics:  

  • Reach your target audience with social media ads on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can boost your exposure with paid ads.
  • Market your niche through content creation, which includes things like blog articles and videos. Not only does this boost your authority, but it also brings in natural visitors.
  • Send out newsletters, promo codes, and product updates to people who have expressed interest in your business via email.

7. Build Trust And Credibility

Whether you’re doing business online or offline, establishing credibility is important. Collect client feedback and put it in a prominent spot on your website to build trust. Display these reviews on relevant product pages, and set up a dedicated page for testimonials to emphasize customer happiness. 

8. Evaluate Your Performance Metrics Periodically 

If you want to know how the company is doing after introducing items and beginning marketing initiatives, you need to keep an eye on performance metrics. By monitoring your sales statistics, you may find out which products are selling well and which marketing channels are producing the highest number of visitors and buyers. You may get the most out of your efforts by honing in on these tested techniques. If a particular channel is not doing well, evaluate it periodically and make adjustments. If it is still not producing results, stop using it. 

Moreover, to make data-driven decisions about future development and improvements, use analytics tools to track important metrics like conversion rates, client acquisition expenses, and total return on investment.


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Are You Going To Start Dropshipping? 

Concerned about where to begin? Anyone looking to enter the e-commerce space in Pakistan can benefit from starting a dropshipping company. This model eliminates the requirement for a physical storefront and inventory. 

Any Pakistani may start a profitable dropshipping business with little effort, study, and planning. You need to pick the correct products, locate trustworthy suppliers, set up an online store, and develop a solid marketing plan. Remember that expertise really matters in this business. So, if you’re completely new to this or are having trouble navigating the waters, get in touch with Munir Ahmad, a renowned business solution consultant, and his team of experts. 

Moreover, stay determined and persistent and expand your dropshipping business efficiently.