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15+ Years of Experience

We Specialize in Scaling Businesses

With our team of well-trained and experienced people, we can help you turn your business ideas into reality. By working with us, your business will not only get a better direction but also get better results.

Munir Ahmad
CEO and Co-Founder of E-Commerce Planners


Product Hunting

When it comes to retailing on Amazon, the most important aspect of your approach should be product hunting methods and rankings. We will ensure that ABN Solutions provide winning products with comprehensive details, market analysis, keyword research, and other variables to consider.

Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is the process by which a business conquers a product for trade. We have diverse experience in factory tracking, auditing, supplier monitoring, quality testing, shipping and market research. Above all, we will provide you with sourcing options from Alibaba and other Chinese platforms.

Listing Formation & Optimization

Amazon listing optimization is a unique process of product development on optimized pages between advanced products. We will update your product listings with our experts to improve your targeted product, CTR, and CR. To be able to make more sales.

Amazon PPC

As a novel seller on Amazon, it is important to know the terms of Amazon PPC because if you are not technically aware of how to deal with it, they can easily ruin your budget. We will make sure to analyze and optimize auto and manual campaigns with appropriate strategies.

Product Launching & Ranking

An Amazon product launch has been a challenge for many sellers. As an expert, we will provide you with a complete set of services for product launching and ranking. This will be based on the best marketing strategies with minimal risk.

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO is one of the best ways to help improve your product's organic ranking on Amazon search results. We will help you improve your listing by following the best SEO principles. This will result in more visibility, clicks and sales.


The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers or managers.

Team Building

Stop taking credit for your team, start giving credit to your team.

Learn to Say “We”

Learn to Say “We” in life instead of “I”, the day you remove “I” from your life, your growth will start.

Stay Focused

Keep your mind focused, and don’t let yesterday consume too much of the present.


Our Society

We don’t have a culture of making leaders in our society, but rather good managers or followers.



We Are Highly Experienced Private Label Experts, Who Have Formalized New More Effective, and Contemporary Ways to Set New Standards of Success in the Every Day Dominating Amazon World under the Supervision and Guidelines of an Exceptional Team Leader and Area Expert.


Extremely Professional! Overall Great Experience

Munir helped me understand the Amazon market and engage with the further processes immediately which are worth appreciating since it saved me a lot of time and effort. Communiqué was so stress-free and since he was responsive and his guidance helped him made the right decisions.

I am really excited to have been provided with a best-performing product to invest in due to his expert practices and advice hence will cent percent endorse his services to all who are looking for highly equipped and dedicated professionals to help them achieve sound business management.

It was a great Choice working with Munir Ahmad, since he always responded promptly for all my interrogations with such professional etiquette and conserved the Amazon account proficiently.

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Do You Know What You Need To Do Before Starting A Business

A successful business means doing proper research in your niche, determining the audience, structuring the legal steps, creating a plan for future investments, and so on.

If You're Starting A Business, What Challenges Will You Face?

1. Managing time is one of the most difficult tasks for a business owner. 2. Having Insufficient investment is also a challenge for any business owner. 3. Hardworking and talented employees are hard to find.

What Are The Signs That Your Business Idea Is A Good One?

1. You haven't seen anyone working in the idea that is in demand. 2. It doesn't matter how simple or straightforward your idea is, what matters is how it solves other people's problems. 3. Ask people who don't know you. This is a convenient and easy way to check out your business idea

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