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Who is Munir Ahmad?

Munir Ahmad is an active trainer, very expert public speaker, and an inspirational and coaching source for a number of individuals at different levels, and aspiring to develop their personality and professional career without any limitation towards their horizons. He is also a podcast host of Think Digital Podcast, an ecommerce expert, and a business consultant. He hopes he can give back in terms of quality service and advice based on years of corporate and professional experiences, adding value to their lives as young individuals. Munir believes that sharing adds much more to the experience value within the personal and professional skills set, so that the consistency remains toward progression. He always invites every hand and step towards new aviators for success.

Munir Ahmad - Think Digital Podcast

How beautifully said; ‘Dreams do not come true with magic’. It takes perseverance, determination, and hard work, ”said Munir Ahmad, CEO and Co-Founder of ABN Solutions. He is a leading Pakistani corporate mogul, Business specialist, an Amazon expert and a public speaker. He has 15+ years of experience with multi-national companies. He started his journey after completing bachelors in commerce. Then he entered into the E-commerce market apart from his job, since he started his corporate journey while working with Telenor Pakistan as a ‘Customer Relationship Officer’ in 2006 and continued serving with high ethical values till 2008.

After which a novel international market was being experienced when he got the chance to work in a reputed Software House in Dubai where he further cultured his skill while serving notorious brands as clients that included Roads and Transport Authority Dubai-RTA, World Health Organization-WHO, JVC Electronics Middle East, Ministry of Health, YAS Perfumes, SOUQ.AE currently known as Amazon AE where he handled monthly personal portfolio of over AED100K, Dubai Internet City and Dubai International Finance Centre are few of them where he polished his overall business development, Marketing and Account management skills.

Munir Ahmad Business Consultant | Muneer Ahmad
Think Digital Podcast Host

During this thriving journey he became an expert in communication, arbitration and mastered the most valuable area of expertise related to impacting lives of people with wit and through professional and impactful dialogues. This journey extended till 2015, after that he moved back to Pakistan and in 2016 officially kicked start the voyage towards self-employment when he first started his own venture through DARAZ.PK and marked new heights of accomplishments while being top seller for 3-consective years. He also tried his wit and luck in GOTO.Pk, ISHOPPING.com, and YAYVO.com before putting foot into the personal portal named SHOPKER.Pk in which he invested more than a million in 2017, but never practiced it to its full potential, due to his utmost interest and growth in AMAZON market. The overall journey remained perplexing and there were many setbacks but he never gave up on failures instead kept moving ahead every day that resulted in massive results. Year 2019 transformed his life when he joined Investor’s Boot camp by ‘Sunny Ali’ after which he became part of technical trainings because of rapid learning and growth after which he never looked back.

Today he is not only serving as a Lead Trainer in Extreme Commerce Incubation Centers but also managing more than 6 Personal launches in UK, USA. Canada and Australia, Catering more than 30 launches of different clients and dozens are in the pipeline. Among Amazon FBA Private Label, he’s handling the largest PL launch in Pakistan of $1 million, also managing monthly ads spend of $50k/month for Amazon PPC while for whole sale Amazon FBA the investment is 2times higher He is also an active Investor and a refined well known public speaker who inspires the aspiring individuals for personal and professional growth without limiting the horizons. His areas of expertise are Time Management, Career Counseling, Client Handling, Business Consultancy and Amazon FBA A2Z Coaching.

Munir Ahmad | Business Solutions Consultant

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