How and Why to Use a Performance Planner?

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Performance Planner is a tool to ease your business advertising spending and enhance your business in a variety of ways. It allows you to predict the effectiveness of your Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns depending on your budget.

This article will describe the benefits of a performance planner and why should your business use performance planner. But to understand the benefits better, we should know about the working and requirements. So, here’s how it works.

How and Why to Use a Performance Planner?

Performance Planner may be found in your Google Ads account. The tool will automatically choose ad campaigns that are qualified for the tool, so if your campaign does not appear, it is most likely because it does not fulfill the campaign parameters.

These three points described below are efficient for working as a performance planner:

  • You may use the Google Ads Performance Planner to select the performance statistic most critical to your company goal. Conversions, conversion values, or clicks are all possibilities.
  • When refining the focus, you’ll be asked for a date range (1st January – 31st January) and a time period (last 30 days).
  •  You can add any additional targeting you want to include.

These options show you how close you are to getting the maximum number of conversions and how far away you are. This means Google considers your current budget, keywords, conversions, and conversion value when determining where you should be.

This is an excellent approach to designing a strategy for achieving your performance objectives.

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Evaluation of your Campaign

A blue forecast line may be seen in Google’s Performance Planner. A graph will be made which depicts where your present performance stands compared to where it should be.

If your campaign is over the line, it has already exceeded Google’s expectations. This helps you evaluate how much your campaigns would need to alter to achieve your target.

Eligibility Criteria for Performance Planner

All of the eligibility criteria may be found here; however, the most fundamental criteria for campaigns are as follows:

  • Within the previous 7 days, you should have over 3 clicks.
  • Using manual CPC, target CPA, or improved CPC bid methods.
  • Within the last week, you should have received one convert.
  • Your ad had already run for at least 72 hours.

If the requirements are not achieved, you may not be able to use a performance planner.

How can a Performance Planner Serve your Business?

A performance planner can serve your business effectively because of the following reasons:

Optimizing and Developing Campaigns

It optimizes your campaign by making machine-learning-validated recommendations

and also enables you to develop campaigns customized to your advertising budget.

Highlighted Opportunities

It highlights opportunities that arise throughout specific seasons. You can change your parameters and see how changing your campaign parameters affects your spending and performance goals.


It allows you to test alternative campaign parameters before implementing them, saving you from taking risks and allowing you to experiment with varied outcomes.

Recommendations and Checking

Performance planner assists in examining the monthly and quarterly performance predictions for your campaigns. Not only that, but you get recommendations to improve the performance of your campaigns for the same budget. There are plenty of ways available to get it right.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a Performance Planner Automatically Do?

Ans: The Performance Planner is a tool that allows you to plan your advertising budget and evaluate how campaign adjustments may affect key indicators and overall performance. You may do the following with Performance Planner: Forecasts for your campaigns are available.

Are Performance Planners Available for Free?

Ans: Google Ads Success Planner is a free feature in Google Ads that allows you to generate precise plans based on your spend level and examine the impact of hypothetical budget, seasonality, and campaign set-up adjustments on your campaign performance.

Why is it Advised to Use the Performance Targets Function after using the Performance Planner?

Ans: This technique allows you to keep track of your objectives in the Performance Planner and receive notifications and tips when a campaign isn’t performing as expected.


A performance planner is a key to making your campaigns successful, but only if used in accordance with its guidelines. It will also help you control your business spending and guide you about its proper usage. If you want to get information about its usage, it is as described above in the article.

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